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Gudka International is a new organisation engaging in multifaceted business activities selling a variety of products and services, conducting import/export business transactions, providing local and international business investment, and participating in numerous other profitable activities facilitated by its global network and the relationships of trust built with corporate business partners and consumers in various business and investment sectors around the world.

Import & Export

import and export

Gudka International foresees a quantum leap in import and export turnover through custom manufacturing for the specific needs of the end customers and the manufacture of high-value, exclusive products either based on its own end products or developed especially for the consumer. We handle wholesale shipments for the local and international markets.

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Real Estate

real estate

At Gudka International, we understand that property is one of the best vehicles to long term financial success and wealth. Our foresight into the future reveals that the Generation Y will face the biggest hurdles yet to come in time with regard to owing property or investing in property and consequently, renting will be the norm. Our real estate arm focuses on investment and growth opportunities for future stakeholders in the residential investment market.

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electronic commerce

Time has now moved to the information age where online business is now booming in all the parts of the world. Electronic commerce (E-commerce) involves buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. E-commerce has revolutionised the 21st century via modernisation, choice, convenience, savings, simplicity and success around the world. Internet business is the path to future success and we are proud to embrace this in every business activity.

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